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About Unt3Dmag and how I’m planning to conquer the world

Sidney Guerra

Sidney Guerra

Hi, my name is Sidney Guerra, editor and creator of Unt3Dmag. Just like you I’m a big fan of both Unity and Video Games, within Unity I have found the perfect place to bring my creations into life. I have released two titles “BloodRain” and “Drible football” and knowing that thousands of players around the world are able to play my games made me envisage creating a magazine and showing others the path to enlightenment.

It happened a few months ago while I was sleeping and a dream came to me, the dream felt so real. In my dream I was editor of a fantastic magazine devoted to Unity community, I had created a space where all developers, designers and creative people could find all the information and tools needed to get inspired and to feed their own dreams. [Some people may even think I am crazy! LOL]

Since that day I started working tirelessly on Unt3Dmag and today I can happily say that I’m on the right path. I have leveraged a lot of my professional experience in the Brazilian publishing industry and the work I have done for several big publishers like Larousse or Planeta, plus many others. I’m pouring all that experience into every issue of this magazine.

I want is to give a voice to all those video gaming development veterans and newcomers who have something to say to the rest of the community. I want you to find the right tutorial so you can finish your project. I want you to relax and to learn about the software and all its capabilities, including the “best of breed” assets, to help you enjoy the process of crafting your title. I want the world to know the story behind every game out there and the pain they went through to bring their own dreams to reality.

As Unity is such a large development ecosystem, its use also extends far beyond the reach of just gaming. It has been used in architectural, health and training scenarios with great effect, so we also want to bring such stories to you and widen your horizons to think “out of the box” for your next project.

I welcome you to Unt3Dmag and I hope you will help us grow and to become the best Unity dedicated magazine ever, thanks for your time and enjoy the ride!

Sidney Guerra
Editor in Chief

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