Vitaly portfólio-PBPortfolio VITALY OKULOV
From Nizhny Tagil, Russia
Vitaly says about himself: “I’m a 3d artist with over 9 years experience since I finished college sudying interior design.
My main skills are Low and high-poly modeling, texturing, 3d scanning and rendering in Unity. Today I make 3d assets for Unity Asset Store and sometimes – interactive apps, I used to work in the digital agency, but now I am an indie.”

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Asset Store:!/publisher/5889
Twitter: @NOTLonely92


Project name: Through the eyes of the winners.

“This project was created with the Nizhny Tagil city museum’s team for the anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, this virtual exposition was recreated using 8 old black-and-white images and some text information from the museum’s real archive documents.
This virtual museum immerses people into the atmosphere of 1946, after the War time. Some models (which have been saved) have been scanned using photogrammetry and all the others have been modelled by hand. It was my first work experience in a PBR workflow. Now this application is deployed on the big touch display in the real museum building”.

I’m now working on hyper realistic assets for games, featured here is one of my latest asset packs for Unity Asset Store – HQ Apocalyptic Environment. Almost all objects from this package have been created using photogrammetry technology. I like to walk around lots of old and abandoned places with my camera.
Watch the video here: