An artificial hedge is a faux plant that looks just like the original plant. It is installed on walls for decoration and beautification purposes and also to enhance greenery in our surroundings. Oftentimes, it is made fire resistant and UV protected to fit the location of its installation.

In this article, we would be looking at the advantages of artificial hedges as well as how best you could put them to use.

Let’s get started with the advantages.

Advantages of an Artificial Hedge

The qualities of an artificial hedge that makes it a great option include:


The lifespan of faux plants is no doubt longer than that of real plants. They are long-lasting and are not disturbed by weather conditions. They simply remain as they are for years, even decades.


Artificial hedges are less expensive. And as opposed to real plants, artificial hedges do not need a replacement because they do not die and it would also save the cost of trimming when overgrown or the stress of making sure they get access to sunlight.

Easy to Maintain

Faux plants are easy to clean and maintain. You don’t need to nurture, prune, water or apply fertilizers. The most that is needed is the removal of dust and clean-up.

Immediate Effect

They also give an immediate effect. The installation of artificial hedges is completed in hours. In comparison, you have to wait for years before a real plant could grow to your desired height.

Having known the pros of artificial hedges, let’s then dive into the ways you can put them to use.

Application of an Artificial Hedge

Some of the ways you could put an artificial hedge to use include:

Creating Boundaries

Faux plants do the work of dividers by creating partitions and boundaries where needed. This partition gives you well-deserved privacy for your residence and business.

Indoor and Outdoor Decoration

Artificial hedges serve for indoor and outdoor decoration purposes. Known for their nontoxicity, there are no worries about keeping them in an environment full of kids. They can give a lively and elegant atmosphere to a boring home, learning institution or office space.

Making Your Brand Stand Out

You could use artificial hedges to make your brand stand out and have a unique look. When visitors come around, the greenery decor would give them a feeling of comfort and relaxation, giving them every reason to return, thereby promoting you and your brand.

For Privacy

An artificial hedge comes through for you if you have a short fence in your home or office. With the installation of artificial hedges on your walls, you rule out every form of intrusion into your privacy.


Artificial hedges have indeed proven to be of great benefit. They are cost-friendly, they produce instant results and are long-lasting. The application of these artificial hedges in your place of residence and work gives you privacy, creates necessary boundaries, makes your brand stand out and generally gives an attractive atmosphere. An artificial hedge is no doubt a great option.

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