The first gangster tattoos were used by members of the Japanese mafia to show their belonging to a group and to distinguish themselves from other groups.

The gangster tattoo was often done in prison by tattooing teardrops under the eyes. This was because the prisoner would not be able to cry for 24 hours after getting his tattoo done.

So gangster tattoos are a type of tattoo that is popular with people in gangs and those who want to identify themselves as part of a group.

What are the Different Styles of Gangster Tattoos?

Gangster tattoos can be done in many different styles, such as tribal gangster tattoos, traditional gangster tattoos, and neo-traditional gangster tattoos. Tribal tattooing is the most widely used style for these types of tattoos. The tribal design consists of shapes and patterns that serve as reminders of a person’s social rank in a tribe. These designs can also refer to religious beliefs or family heritage.

Traditional gangster tattoos are generally embellishments with curves, spikes, and twists. It can be either black or brightly colored ink depending on the design in application on the body part being tattooed.

In most circumstances, gangster tattoos are often as unique as the person wearing them. The type of tattoo you get also depends on if you’re affiliated with a gang or just want to be part of a movement.

There is no specific style for gangster tattoos, and it is really up to the wearer on what they want to do with their body art. Common styles for gangster tattoos include:

  • Jailhouse Style: This look is popular among those incarcerated and want to show off their time served in jail through their tattoo.
  • Memorial style: This look is used by those who want their body art to represent an important person or event in their life that has passed away.

Different Ideas for Giving Your New Tattoo a Unique Look

Tattoos can be an amazing way to express one’s individuality. However, sometimes, tattoos can be too similar to others’ tattoos. To make your tattoo unique, you can consider these finger tattoos ideas.

  • You can choose to use different colors or shapes. This will make it stand out among all the others with similar designs.
  • You may also want to consider adding patterns or quotes around the tattoed region.
  • It may be best to get creative. The most eye-catching tattoos are those from the weirdest and unimaginable ideas.

Tips for Taking Care of Your New Outfit

Tattoos are a permanent form of body art, and they are notoriously difficult to get rid of. However, you can follow these tips to make the tattoo easier to live with.

First, you mustn’t scratch your tattoo when washing your body or taking a shower. This will only irritate the skin and make the tattoo more visible.

Secondly, you should keep the area clean by regularly washing it with soap and water to avoid infection or irritation. Lastly, you should let your skin breathe a bit by wearing loose clothes that allow air between them and your skin. This will also reduce any itchiness that may occur from sweat irritating the area of your body where the tattoo is located.

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