Cleaning a car using your pressure washer

Some people cherish maintaining their cars, spending time waxing and washing the exterior, and also detailing inside parts. Though washing your car might appear tedious, maintaining a vehicle is an excellent process. Use pressure washers as an efficient and effective method to clean your car exterior. Pressure washer cleaning is a process for anyone who needs to do the job quickly or a vehicle enthusiast who cleans the car weekly.

How to use a pressure washer machine

Select an appropriate pressure nozzle and washer

When cleaning your vehicle, it’s essential to use appropriate PSI and GPM. Higher PSI means the higher water force at the washer tip. Higher GPM means more water flow released by the machine. The cleaning units represent the water amount and force combination produced by a machine. The formulae representation of the cleaning units is:

GPM x PSI = cleaning units

2GPM x 1500PSI = 3000 cleaning units.

Car wash high pressure needs to be between 1900 to 2800 cleaning units. The pressure machines are better than any garden hose, and they use little water.

Pressure washer vs. garden hose

You can buy both gas-powered and electric pressure washers. Gas machines have a more robust washing capacity, and they are powerful for light jobs like a truck or car washing. To avoid vehicle damages, use an electric washer with appropriate PSI.

There are diverse nozzle types you can choose. Get the correct size for effective car cleaning without damaging the paint job. When selecting your pressure washer, keep in mind the nozzle size and the pressure level.

Selecting the machine with the best fit pressure level

Go for a machine with pressure ranging between 1200PSI to 1900PSI. The machine will be safe on your car without damaging the paintwork. It should also lie between 1.4 to 1.6 GPM.

Diverse pressure nozzles

Chose an appropriate nozzle

Pressure washers can use different nozzle sizes. The correct size will distribute water to your car easily and evenly to give the best results. You should narrow the machine tip to cover a tiny surface area using more pressure. The broad tips cover larger areas but with less pressure.

Park your car in a good washing position

Park your vehicle in an open space away from objects or cars that you don’t want to get damaged or wet. It’s recommended to use a street or driveway to clean your vehicle. If you use an electric machine, you need access to the power outlet to run the machine. Not all electric machines can use extension cords. Be close enough to your outlet for easy machine running.

Rinse your vehicle

Before you apply any cleaner, rinse and spray off debris and mud. Strat the rinsing between four to five feet from your vehicle as you move closer. Roll up the windows and close the car trunk and doors so that water doesn’t get into the vehicle.

Add a detergent

Use the recommended cleaning detergent for the machine. Remember to dilute detergents before applying them to the car. Rinse off the detergent using clean water. Take a soft cloth or towel to dry your car after rinsing the detergent.


The above steps are ideal for helping you clean your car. Use them to get the best results.

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