A pressure wash can be beneficial when planning a deep cleanse of the house’s outdoor portion, such as the deck and the patio. These places are not given proper attention and, as a result, collect a lot of dirt and debris. Over time, all this gets stuck on the deck, and the patio and forms are hard to clean.

This is where pressure washing comes in, as it can help to get to the most stubborn parts of the deck and leave the floor looking new. However, you have to be careful while pressure washing as these Power Washing Machines have a strong stream of water, damaging the flooring if you don’t get the distance right.

If you plan to get that stubborn dirt off the deck and the patio, keep reading to know how to do it right.

Tips For Washing a Deck and Patio the Right Way with A Pressure Washer

Wear Protective Gear

The spray from the pressure washer is too powerful, and it can displace and throw off rocks and stones. All this can hurt you and damage the house stuff lying around, such as the air conditioner.

So, you must wear protective gear before you begin pressure washing. Proper equipment to protect the eyes, strong and thick boots, and proper gloves to avoid any injury.

Adjust The Nozzle and The Pressure

After getting done with protective gear, you must set up the pressure washer. Attach the spray nozzle in the front and then attach the hose to the pressure washer machine. Ensure the way to the pressure washer for the hose is clear and not blocked to fold the pipe or block the water flow.

Adjust the angle of the spray and pressure. Try it on the side so it won’t damage the deck’s floor. The pressure should be enough to remove the stuck debris but not so high so it would splash on you or damage the wood floor.

Add And Apply the Cleaning Solution

Now add the deck cleaning solution to the pressure washer machine. There are several different kinds of solutions available. You can read the manufacturer’s instructions to know the exact amount to be added, but the cleaner is usually added equal to the amount of water.

After this, spray the cleaning solution from the attached nozzle to the deck. Go in wide and long sprays so that the solution reaches everywhere.

Time For Pressure Washing

One layer of cleaning solution has been added so you can start cleaning the deck with pre-set settings. The powerful stream of water will do the maximum work for you. You might have to repeat the cleaning solution step or the pressure washer step more than once. After this process, you can get started with the aftercare journey.

Let the deck and the patio dry out completely before stepping on it to ensure it doesn’t leave a dent.


The pressure washer cleaning can deep cleanse the deck from all the debris and dirt. All you need to do is take care of a few steps, and you will have a deck as good as new. Make sure to adjust the nozzle and the pressure correctly, so you don’t end up hurting yourself or damaging the stuff around you. Wear protective gear and spray away.

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