A pressure washer has many body parts. The working of the pressure washer is the combination of all these body parts working. There are some body parts of a pressure washer that are much more important than the other parts. Some important parts of a pressure washer are as follows, whose working and condition affect the performance of a pressure washer.

  • the pump of the pressure washer
  • hoses for water intake and outlet
  • the motor of the pressure washer
  • nozzles that are attachments on the hoses of pressure washers.

In this article, we will discuss the working of pressure washer hoses, their sizes that are best for use. The necessary things to consider and check before buying a pressure washer hose would also be discussed.

Role & Working Of Hoses In Pressure Washer’s Performance

As we now know that the hoses are important body parts of a pressure washer. Pressure is incomplete without the hoses. It cannot perform its function. It is because the working of pressure washers is to provide high pressure and high-speed water. And the hoses supply that water to the pressure washer pump from the source of water. The sprayed water is also directed on the required surface or object with the help of a hose, which is an outlet hose.

The pump in the pressure washer creates suction to pull or suck the water in from the source tank or a valve. Then that water travels to the pump of the pressure washer through that intaking hose. These hoses are very large reaching up to 100ft. Its advantage is that the pressure washer can be taken 100 feet far from the water supply source and clean the objects.

The outlet hose then carries the high-pressure water that runs at a very high speed after gaining energy from the pump. This hose can also have nozzle attachments at the spraying end. These nozzles have different functions that depend on your needs.

Important Things To Consider Before Buying a New Hose

The hoses of pressure washers can function properly for so many years. But wear and tear of these things is also possible in those years because they deal with very high pressures of water throughout the years. So, you may need to buy some new hoses. In the following, we would discuss some key factors that should be considered and checked before buying new hoses.

Material of the hose:

The material of the hose should be necessarily checked before buying before it has to bear the wear and tear due to high pressure. The durability and flexibility of the hose would depend on your demands. These hoses are manufactured by three types of materials. One is rubber, the second is polyurethane and the third is PVC which is a plastic-type material.

Diameter of the hoses:

The hoses come in different sizes. Their size also depends on their functioning. Mostly the diameter widths are 1(1/4)-inch, 3/8-inch, 5/4-inch, and 5/16-inch.

Length of the hose:

The length of the hose decides how far you can go from the water source and your pressure washer’s main body.

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