Want to own a pressure washer? Perhaps you heard a lot about some trending and cool 5 gpm pressure washers that facilitate efficient cleaning in no time, there is something you should know about them before you buy an actual product. They say that lacking knowledge invites danger the same goes with pressure washers. Pressure washers are of different capacities, which limit the use of a certain product. Depending on your need, you should go for a low, medium, or heavy duty pressure washer.

5 GPM Washers And What Do They Mean?

5 Gallons Per Minute is the technical term given to any pressure washer that can throw 5 gallons of water in 60 seconds. Higher the speed, better the washing. But you should also be aware of more stuff about a given product other than just gpm.

2-in-1 Washers

Regular Pressure Washer

A regular pressure washer comes in handy for regular washing in the house. You can clean your driveway without any trouble. Moreover, watering your plants whether in your backyard or lawn can be achieved through these regular washers. These products come with a dismountable bracket, nozzles of different sizes, and a long cord (up to 6 feet).

2-in-1 Washer

It’s got a 2-in-1 washer name since it comes with not just a motor but a retractable hose reel. As a result, you don’t really have to wind up the cord manually. Simply wash your driveway or floor, and let the hose reel lie on the ground. It will retract automatically, leaving behind no fuss or mess. This is an ideal product for people who’re too busy to wind the hose all by themselves. Cool, isn’t it?

Professional Pressure Washer

The term professional is given to a washer that supports heavy duty washing work. The strong motor in the washer allows cleaning stubborn stains on the floor. It works perfectly outdoors and can throw water far away at a very high pressure. Moreover, there are some extended features that the buyer can get in this product. The durability is remarkable. It’s best suited for quality lovers who’re willing to give up on the budget for quality.

Electric Washers

Regular Pressure Washer For Heavy Duty Use

A regular electric washer is suited for heavy use. It’s still powerful than a gas pressure washer as the motor here gets power directly from your AC wall outlet. The washer’s water stream comes out at a high pressure that allows better washing than any ordinary power washer. Clean vehicle’s tires and lot more with these powerful washers.

Portable Washer For Low and Medium Use

Portable washers are ideal for common households who want a powerful water stream. These are highly portable and can fit in your vehicle’s boot space easily. Moreover, a portable washer doesn’t compromise on the performance despite being small in size. The motor is still superb and powerful enough to remove stubborn stains from the floor. Moreover, don’t expect to compromise on the appearance as this product adds to the aesthetic appeal of any household in the society.

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